Pardon or impunity

Pardon or impunity

By Álvaro Ortúzar, lawyer.

A group of parliamentarians has presented a bill to pardon those who participated in acts of violence from the so -called “social outbreak” of October 18, 2019. These are the subjects who committed acts of high gravity, destruction of goods, destruction of goods Public and private, aggression with incendiary bombs to police, burning subway stations and other acts of that magnitude. The police authority managed to detain some and are subject to process and private, for now, of their freedom. The project grants state grace and mercy to forgive criminal behavior and its grief, which, in reality, is an amnesty and not an pardon. In turn, the foundation of the initiative refers to the motivation of the authors that, whether because of their frustration, anger or contempt for the unfair rules of society, have acted within the framework of protests or mobilizations auto calling themselves as the “first line”. In other words, it is indicated that people under process are persecuted for their political thinking or by their ideology, so they correspond to the terminology of political prisoners.

This show of parliamentary irresponsibility is extremely serious. It is tried to exempt common criminals from responsibility and penalties -under the pretext of the social outbreak -, with total contempt of those who have been innocent victims of their actions, to which they have been injured, deprived of their means of subsistence or their means of subsistence or their means have been affected Constitutional rights to physical and psychic integrity, their property right, their right to work, among others.

No one stops perceiving that after this project is the hand of the PC, which encourages the insurgency, rebellion and mobilization for the sake of a destructive street struggle, which presses deep changes to the current system.

Unfortunately, other factors contribute to this. The government’s weakness to contain and repress the daily violence and occupation of streets with the consequent destruction. The worst, and we would have to start saying it, it would be for the citizens to organize itself to defend and suppress the assaults. In that case, by the way, there would be no pardon or amnesty for her. The parliamentarians who intend impunity in the face of the violence of a sector, irresponsibly deny respect for the Constitution and laws, and do not promote peace and development. This is a breeding ground for greater violence.

The wrong path of the parliamentarians who promote impunity goes back to us 50 years, is dangerous, because it puts at risk everything advanced in social progress and development, affects the middle class that has ceased to be poor, creates a relevant uncertainty for Investment and employment, and ends up giving pleasure to anarchic movements that, being ultra minority, nourish the dissatisfaction of people who feel marginalized.


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